Developers of History Hero - the first interactive video game to guide kids and families through museums and other historical sites

  • Named top app for students and teachers by Teach and Travel Magazine (2014)

  • Mobile app development team with over 20 years experience at major software and innovation companies

  • Development and shipment of a dozen mobile apps

  • Board of Advisors of experienced classroom teachers

  • Partner with top U.S. museums


Bring a Mobile App to Your Museum or Historical Site, Easily and Affordably

Free, no obligation demo of our off-the-shelf app, designed specifically for your location, initial consultation with your team

We will work with your internal education and/or technology team to develop customized content for your app--you're in control

The sky’s the limit in terms of customized features and add-ons to your app; our creative team will work with you to accomplish your goals

We have multiple pricing solutions from revenue share to flat fee models, each designed to meet the specific needs of your organization

We provide a turnkey app solution which can include focus group testing, analytics, and posting your app to the Apple and/or Google Play stores

Our off-the-shelf products can be customized for your site and available to your visitors within months. Even highly customized solutions can be turned quickly.

What We Need From You

Time with your internal education/technology team to develop content for the app
Physical space on-site and a website link online to advertise the app
Other promotion of the app (as mutually agreed to)


Our MISSION is to bring history to life for children and their families during their family travel and sightseeing experiences.

We develop quality INTERACTIVE video game applications for use on Apple and Android mobile devices.

Our gamez are FUN. But they are also designed to light a learning fire in children and teenagers while they are visiting the world's most important museums and historical sites.

Our game development process is UNIQUE because we develop our gamez in close consultation with some of the nation's best teachers. In fact, our entire Board of Advisors is made up of TOP TIER EDUCATORS.

Our founders are all parents of children from ages 4-14 who are PASSIONATE about using technology to bring history to life for children. We collectively bring to this project experience in software development, education, business operations and leadership of a Fortune 20 corporation.

Guided tours are expensive and not tailored to young people. Audio tours do not even pretend to be interactive. Our gamez, for a fraction of the price, will meaningfully ENHANCE your family's visits to the world's greatest historical destinations. Children and teenagers will want to go. They will want to stay longer. They will be EXCITED, not bored. They will LEARN and retain information while they are there and they will want to find out more when they return home.


Mitch is passionate about being a Dad and teacher. He and his wife, Erin, live in Edina, Minnesota with their three great kids, Zach, Luke and Phoebe. Mitch teaches first-year law students at the University of Minnesota Law School. He also coaches youth sports teams, helps protect the rights of foster children through non-profit work, and serves on the National Merit Scholarship selection committee for his college alma mater. Mitch also has served on the Board of Trustees of the Science Museum of Minnesota. A practicing attorney, Mitch has been a member of the executive leadership team of a Fortune 20 company and a federal prosecutor before founding Mind Gamez. Mitch came up with the idea for Mind Gamez while traveling in Europe with his family last summer. His childlike attention span helped him identify the need for a new, exciting, technology-based way to engage children--young and old--as they experience the world's great historical and cultural sites during family travel. In his free time, Mitch loves running, watching sports, building Lego sets (usually with his kids) and playing gamez. You can contact Mitch directly at


Mike loves shipping software. For nearly 20 years he's been a professional developer and has led development teams at major software companies like Microsoft and Macromedia. He's also founded a successful software consulting business. Mike has over 10 years experience teaching computer science graduate courses at the University of Minnesota. Mike and his wife, Amy, are parents and avid travelers. He was instantly drawn to Mitch's idea of bringing history to life for kids through travel. When he's not geeking out, Mike enjoys coaching his sons' sports teams in addition to running, seeing live music and good food. You can contact Mike directly at


After spending five years working with Mitch in leadership roles at a Fortune 20 company, Chris was looking for his next adventure. When Mitch floated the idea of Mind Gamez in the Summer of 2012, Chris was taken by the family and educational missions driving the concept and the opportunity to partner again with Mitch. As a transactional lawyer with a background in finance, the CFO role was a natural for Chris. Plus, as he points out, the cooler roles of CEO, CTO, and COO already had been filled after a "rigorous" interview process. Chris has a great family. His wife, Jane, has spent her career in public education and is equally as excited as Chris about Mind Gamez. He has two awesome kids, Ben and Beth, with whom he loves to travel. Chris is an avid cyclist, wine lover, and fly fisherman.



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